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Sermon on the Mount E8 – Why does Jesus call his followers salt and light? In the Hebrew Bible, salt is a metaphor for God’s long-lasting covenant with Israel, connected to priestly sacrifices, ritual purity, and social bonds. And the Hebrew word for light, or, shares a wordplay with torah, meaning God’s wise instruction. God’s wisdom given in the Torah is a light for Israel that they are called to share with the nations. In this episode, Jon and Tim discuss the meanings of salt and light, showing how Jesus applies these covenant words to his new community of followers.View more resources on our website →Timestamps Chapter 1: The Meaning of Salt and Light in the Bible (0:00-9:29)Chapter 2: A Key Hebrew Wordplay Between “Light” and “Instruction” (9:29-11:49)Chapter 3: Light and God’s Torah in the Book of Isaiah (11:49-29:21)Chapter 4: Salt and Light as Metaphors for the Covenant (29:21-46:29)Referenced ResourcesMatthew 1-7: Volume 1 (International Critical Commentary) by W.D Davies, Dale C. Allison Jr., and Christopher M. Tuckett The Sermon on the Mount and Human Flourishing: A Theological Commentary by Jonathan T. PenningtonCheck out Tim’s library here.You can experience our entire library of resources in the BibleProject app, available for Android and iOS.Show Music Original Sermon on the Mount music by Richie KohenBibleProject theme song by TENTSShow CreditsDan Gummel is the creative producer for today’s show, and Tim Mackie is the lead scholar. Production of today’s episode is by Lindsey Ponder, producer; Cooper Peltz, managing producer; Colin Wilson, producer; and Stephanie Tam, consultant and editor. Tyler Bailey is our audio editor and engineer, and he provided the sound design and mix. JB Witty does our show notes, and Hannah Woo provides the annotations for our app. Special thanks to Jonathan Penngington. Today’s hosts are Jon Collins and Michelle Jones.Powered and distributed by Simplecast.
  1. The Salt of the Land and the Light of the World
  2. What Does It Mean to Make Peace? (The Beatitudes Pt. 4)
As Christ-followers, we are visionaries. We have dreams of a better world to come and a God-given desire to help make this world a better place now. We were born to make a positive difference, so we jump in, plan the work, and then work the plan, and all too often, we forget to let God lead. Tune in today to be reminded of Jesus’ first and most basic call, “follow Me,” and learn the three steps that make following Him a joy. 💡Today’s Big Idea: Let God lead. Follow Him. ⚡️Today’s Small Step: Take one decision you are facing right now and walk through these three simple steps: ask, seek confirmation, and embrace the detours. **** LINKS + RESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODE: Follow, rate, and review The Pace of Grace on Apple or Spotify Grab a copy of The Prayer Powered Entrepreneur Learn more about Soul Care Coaching Pace of Grace Podcast Website   **** LET’S CONNECT: Find me on Facebook @KimAveryCoaching Find me on Instagram @CoachKimAvery
  1. Letting God Lead
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