Does God Lead Us Into Temptation? (The Lord’s Prayer Pt. 5) BibleProject

Sermon on the Mount E24 –  Many of us first learned the King James translation of the final, personal request in the Lord’s Prayer: “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” But does God actually lead us into temptation? In a motif that weaves throughout the Hebrew Bible, we see God allowing tests to strengthen his partnership with humans. When this motif picks up in the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus is the one experiencing testing. In this episode, Tim, Jon, and Michelle explore the theme of testing and temptation throughout the Bible and in the life of Jesus. From his own experience, Jesus teaches us to pray for protection from temptation and for rescue when it comes.View more resources on our website →Timestamps Chapter 1: (00:00-24:17)Chapter 2: (24:17-32:48)Chapter 3: (32:48-56:55)Referenced ResourcesCheck out Tim’s library here.You can experience our entire library of resources in the BibleProject app, available for Android and iOS.Show Music Original Sermon on the Mount music by Richie KohenBibleProject theme song by TENTSShow CreditsJon Collins is the creative producer for today’s show, and Tim Mackie is the lead scholar. Production of today’s episode is by Lindsey Ponder, producer; Cooper Peltz, managing producer; Colin Wilson, producer; Stephanie Tam, consultant and editor. Frank Garza and Aaron Olsen edited today's episode. Aaron Olsen also provided our sound design and mix. Tyler Bailey was supervising engineer. Nina Simone does our show notes, and Hannah Woo provides the annotations for our app. Today’s hosts are Jon Collins and Michelle Jones. Special thanks to Brian Hall and Liz Vice.Powered and distributed by Simplecast.
  1. Does God Lead Us Into Temptation? (The Lord’s Prayer Pt. 5)
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Rhythms Bring Replenishment The Pace of Grace with Kim Avery

Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or on the brink of burnout? In this episode, we uncover the secret to sustained energy and joy: rhythms. Discover why even the most passionate and dedicated individuals can face burnout and how embracing God’s design for work and rest can restore and rejuvenate us.   Listen in to learn: Why passion isn’t enough to protect you from fatigue The alarming rise in burnout, and why it matters Six reasons for rhythms, and how they can work for you Practical steps to help you start integrating rhythms of rest and work into your life today   💡Today’s Big Idea: Replenishment comes from rhythms. ⚡️Today’s Small Step: Identify one small rhythm you can integrate into your life today. Pray, Choose one, and obey.   **** LINKS + RESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODE: The Pace of Grace Community: Learn more or join for only $10 a month. No long-term commitment. Follow, rate, and review The Pace of Grace on Apple or Spotify   **** LET’S CONNECT: Find me on Facebook @KimAveryCoaching Find me on Instagram @CoachKimAvery 
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