Christ Life Club (CLC) started with one thing in mind: to inform ministry leaders on the most popular happenings in the kingdom industry regarding music, fashion, news, business, and more.

Now, Christ Life Club is accepting artist music submissions for reviews on the website. Because the media site works to include new, up and coming, as well as established musical artists and businesses, the team figured this was an opportunity to reach out to the community and offer a hand to those who want to be recognized as Kingdom workers.

CLC posted on social media a callout for all musicians to submit music for consideration. The offer stands indefinitely. If you are an artist that uplifts, encourages, and teaches through your music, you should submit immediately for an opportunity to have your music reviewed in a stand-alone article on the Christ Life Club media site.

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To submit, please click here to send an email with the following information:

  • Artist Name
  • Music Links
  • Social Media Links
  • Artist Website (if applicable)
  • Short Bio
  • Management Contact
  • Upcoming Shows
  • Any additional info

You can also visit the submissions page to contact the CLC team about reviews. The email address can be used to send any questions you may have about the process.

The reviews team requests that artists and representatives allow up to two weeks for review and processing. If your submission is selected for publication, you will be contacted by someone from the team with a link to your article.

Christ Life Club prioritizes music that uplifts the kingdom of God. Though the reviews team enjoys bobbing their heads to vibey tunes, the message is the most important and will be promoted to CLC readers above all other types of music.

Some artists that have already appeared on are Tye Tribbett, Kirk Franklin, Mali Music, and CT Johnsong to name a few. Whether an artist is well-known or up and coming, he/she has a place at CLC to be seen, heard, and understood by the site’s audience.

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Have what it takes to nourish God’s people with your music? If you answered “yes”, you should put your submission items together and send them over right now. The kingdom needs people like you to help further the Christian mission of drawing more souls to Christ.

In case anyone didn’t know beforehand, that’s the goal…to save souls. Everything Believers do is for the purpose of saving souls. Our businesses, our music, our books, our conversation, our relationships are all geared toward saving souls. At least, they should be.

Share your talents and gifts with the rest of the world, as someone may be waiting for you to step out on faith in order for themselves to be sparked into action for the kingdom. Don’t be stingy. Don’t hold out, keeping your talents hidden and to yourself. God is calling on you to be a light in dark places. You have a purpose in life, and if music is part of that purpose, here’s your opportunity to present it to a larger audience of Believers who can help push your message out to even more people.

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Join the club!

Join over 5,000 others, and start getting faith-based news today.

We promise we’ll never spam! Take a look at our Privacy Policy for more info.


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