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T.D. Jakes Says “Even if everything came out to be true” All He’d Have To Do Is This

TD Jakes Calls Recent Allegations "A Lie"

On December 24, 2023, at The Potter’s House Christmas Eve church service, T.D. Jakes took the stage and immediately addressed the recent allegations spread across social media as a lie.

The mega church preacher told his congregation and online viewers that if they’d showed up or tuned in to hear what he had to say about the matter that had taken social media by storm that they would be disappointed, because he refused to address it from the pulpit.

Pastor Jakes stated that the pulpit was a sacred space and that Christmas Eve was a sacred time, and was not appropriate to discuss such things. He went on to say that there will come a time for him to address it, and he seemed anticipatory about the opportunity to speak his peace.

Later in the broadcast, The Potter’s House leader stood with his family by his side, as he told his people that he was okay and claimed that he “didn’t do that“. The congregation cheered in support of him, as he chuckled and reiterated, “That’s not something you forget.”

Get Caught Up

In the last couple of weeks, social media got wind of some juicy gossip, took it, and ran with it. It began when Cassie, Diddy’s ex-girlfriend, turned over her ex’s ex-wife’s burner phone and some USB drives that contained some pretty serious allegations about Sean “Puffy” Combs, and his associates, including the Woman Thou Art Loosed preacher T.D. Jakes.


The marathon continues, as the memes are making their rounds on the Internet. So far, none of the allegations have been confirmed or addressed beyond Jakes’ denial. Since then, bloggers have taken to their platforms to give their opinions. One person shared that T.D. Jakes’ response makes him look guilty, in his opinion.

Though the pastor said that he would not respond, he referred to the scandal several times throughout his sermon. At one point he even ventured to say that even if everything came out to be true, all he’d have to do is repent sincerely from his heart, and he’d be fine with God.

Sources are saying that Diddy and Pastor Jakes’ relationship has grown to be pretty close over the years. Aside from Jakes officiating Diddy’s late wife’s funeral, he has been spotted at more than one of the music mogul’s parties.

That alone, for some, is enough to classify him as one who would engage in such things he’s being accused of, rather than being set apart as one of God’s own.

No doubt the memes are brutal, but we won’t be sharing them here. To say the least though, we’re speechless.

As the story continues to flesh out, we’re prayerful and watching for new developments. Check back for more on this story.

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