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Gospel Artist Jonathan McReynolds Posts Thought Provoking Reel On Social Media

Social Media Topics Worth Discussing

Recently, Jonathan McReynolds posted a reel that sparks some serious conversation. Though the reel was clearly meant to be sarcastic and humorous, the content is touching on a list of very real issues. 

Lately, a new trend has been circulating on social media. A person speaks to the camera and says “Of course I’m a(n) _________” and then the person proceeds to name a pet peeve or pain point that people in that position face on a regular basis. 

In the video, Johnny Mac speaking about Gospel artists and the ridiculousness they have to deal with on a daily basis. But, the topics and issues apply across the board to Christians in general. 

Let’s take his points one by one and discuss.

“Of course I’m a Gospel artist, I have all the tendencies and dysfunctions of any other artist, I just get a lot less grace for it.”

This statement applies to Christians everywhere. Whether you are in a leadership position or not, some people judge believers based on their own perceptions and beliefs about what they think Christians should do or be. It’s not fair, but it is a reality. How many times have you heard the expression, “You’re supposed to be a Christian and you got the nerve to…”? The truth is that Christians in general are held to a high standard, regardless of how ridiculous the expectation is.

“Of course I’m a Gospel artist, because people are still deciding if everything I do should be free.”

It is common for people to believe that they should have access to you, your gifts and talents, and your resources whenever you claim to be a believer of Christ. Usually, this isn’t the result of someone really needing help with something. A lot of times people are just testing to see how much they can manipulate you and how much they can get away with before you realize they are being facetious. 

“Of course I’m a Gospel artist,I know what anointing means.”

This may be an inside joke, or something that Johnny Mac has talked about in the past. But if we had to guess, this is just one other thing that people have their own opinions about and tend to throw around their own definitions of what the anointing is.

“Of course I’m a Gospel artist, because my willingness to take a selfie with you at any random time is absolutely based on how saved I am.”

We’ve all heard this complaint from several celebrities. People are so far removed from their favorite artists and movie stars. So when they spot them out in the world, people automatically think they are entitled to that person’s time and energy. It’s a sad reality that a person is the last thing a celebrity is considered when spotted in public. Others see them as an opportunity or a story. And God forbid they don’t get their way with a celebrity, especially one who claims to be a child of God. Then, that person is a fake, a liar.

“Of course I’m a Gospel artist, I tell everybody all the time that I’m imperfect just for them to still be surprised when I’m not perfect.”

Still not sure why people expect for believers to be perfect. They have to understand that no one is perfect, right? They aren’t perfect. They have never been around people who were perfect. Yet, they put unreasonable expectations on Christians to be perfect.

“Of course I’m a Gospel artist, because my new music will never be as good as the classics from your church hurt era.”

This is another gem that points to the criticisms that people face. It’s always the ones who can’t do what you do who have the most to say about how your work doesn’t measure up. And to speak directly to this point, why don’t people just listen to the classics they love so much instead of expecting everyone to keep recreating them? Asking for a friend.

“Of course I’m a Gospel artist, because if you’re not married by twenty five…” Written on the board behind him reads, assume the worst.

From experience, we can fill in the blanks here. When a person is unmarried after a certain age, they are deemed to be someone who is either living in fornication or damaged goods.

As you can see, these are some real issues that the Christian community face on a daily basis. We should talk more about these things, but even more, we should figure out how to do something to change this narrative. 

It’s fair to say that some people will hold onto their delusions, but for those who want to learn and grow out of ignorance, let’s work to educate them on how God works and what realistic expectations are. As Christians, we should be held to a high standard. We are representatives of God. We are advocating for His kingdom. There is a standard and we should be held accountable. But we are not responsible for upholding people’s false beliefs and opinions about the Church. 

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